I R       C A M E R A         
15M IR Camera
30M IR Camera

PR-3L41 / 3L43
Build-in 24 IR-LED.
Effective range up to 15.
CDS Auto switching.
DC or AC Voltage.

Effective range up to 20M

PR-2F49 / 2F15
PR-3F41 / 3F43

Build-in 84 pieace IR-LED
Effective range up to 30 M
CDS Auto switching
DC or AC Voltage

Effective range up to 50M

15M IR Camera (single cable)
15M Diving IR Camera

PR-3M41 / 3M43
Built- in 12 Pieces white-LED.
Effective range up to 15 M.
Cds auto switiching White-LED control.
Waterproofing Criterion IP 68.

Effective range up to 20M
24 pieces white-LED

10M IR Camera
Infrared Illuminator

PR-3B41 / 3B43
Compact Size.
12 pieces IR_LED.
Effective Range up to 10 M.
Outdoor & Indoor Application.

PR-9041 / 8800 / 8801
An illuminant source to assist for cameras in low light conditions
Range : 10 M - 50M
Long life luminary for 6000 hours.